Who We Are

We named our firm Bamboo Partners because bamboo is strong, yet flexible; fast growing, yet sustainable. We strive to emulate these characteristics with powerful business acumen, flexibility to create unique common-sense solutions for our clients, and an unrelenting focus on results that last.

In some cultures, bamboo is a symbol of uprightness and friendship — we aim to become our clients’ trusted advisor and friend. We believe that:

  • Solutions to problems and challenges cannot be “one size fits all” 
  • Effective organizations focus on executing a few critical priorities
  • Everyone needs to align how they work to the bigger strategy
  • The people closest to the work are the best ones to design the work
  • People achieve their best when they are challenged to think differently
Susan Heinlein
Susan Heinlein and Marian Powell

Susan Heinlein

Partner and Co-Founder of Bamboo Partners

“When I have a difficult problem to solve I hire Susan. She is a true partner who gets us focused on the most important things; she owns the output and works to make sure we are able to execute after she leaves.”

Susan has over 25 years experience working with companies to develop customer focused growth strategies by aligning resources across organizations, simplifying and improving business processes, and identifying critical actions to improve business results. She is the leading expert in the newest thinking about how to make internal partnering a trainable, repeatable, and measurable process. Susan believes that better collaboration will deliver the next level of business performance. 

Susan combines real life experience in business planning, business performance reporting, pricing, value proposition development and communication, change management and process design and improvement with a down to earth style that draws attention to what is critical and helps organizations take the actions needed to be successful. Leaders who are implementing change value her genuine, thought provoking and results focused approach.

Previous to founding Bamboo Partners, Susan was a partner at Korn Consulting Group and spent 10 years at Ameriprise and GE in senior roles in finance, pricing and operations.  Prior to GE, Susan spent 10 years at Honeywell in a broad range of Finance roles including international roles in Asia.

Susan holds an MBA in Finance and Strategic Management from the Carlson School of Management and a BA in Business Administration from St. Catherine University. She is a Six Sigma Certified Master Black Belt.

Marian Powell
Marian Powell and Susan Heinlein

Marian Powell

Partner and Co-Founder of Bamboo Partners

“Marian gets us all moving in the same direction. She is dynamic in her thinking, uses simple approaches, and facilitates with a lot of energy that motivates us to get things done.“

With over three decades of experience working with some of the world’s greatest companies and top business leaders in the world, Marian is an expert at helping people work together on exciting ideas that drive results. She believes that how people work together is as critical to success as what they work on.

Marian fuses real life experience and business knowledge with a conversational style and probing questions to draw out the best thinking of your organization. Leaders who want to drive change rely on her to help align their organization and build needed performance capabilities. Marian also coaches executives and managers to enhance their leadership and performance.

Prior to founding Bamboo Partners, Marian was a partner at Korn Consulting Group Inc. She also spent 17 years at GE where her last role was Officer of GE Capital and the SVP Global Sales and Marketing for GE Equipment Services. Other senior roles she held at GE were in product management, communications, operations, quality, and human resources.

Marian’s industry-leading Client Advisory Boards, new techniques in customer loyalty research, and application of Six Sigma to the selling process were adopted across GE. Her innovative approach to developing on-line customer work-flow tools was honored with awards from CIO Magazine and the Data Warehouse Institute. She is a Six Sigma Certified Black Belt with deep expertise in change management. Marian holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Cleveland Institute of Art and an MBA from De Paul University.

Our Team

While we are involved with every project we do for our clients, we deploy a team of the best of the best to bring specific expertise when needed: