Each company’s definition of transformation is unique. Organizations talk about digital transformation, organizational transformation and cultural transformation, just to name a few. And they might each mean something different even when using the same terminology.

Decades of experience transforming hundreds of organizations has taught us one critical truth: Alignment, collaboration and partnership between people are the foundations for successful transformation.

No matter what you call it or what kind it is, transformation is about revolutionizing an organization or business function down to its core. And the core of any organization is its people.

That’s why we take a co-creative approach to transformation. We help our clients harness their innovation, insights and intelligence to design and implement a powerful, results-oriented transformation.

We don’t bring in teams of expensive consultants who prescribe your transformation strategy and leave behind stacks of binders that never get opened. Instead, we facilitate your people’s ability to make the transformation happen themselves.

The main benefit of this approach is that it works.

Other benefits include:

  • More buy-in, ownership and energy from your people
  • Faster results—weeks rather than months or years
  • Higher productivity
  • Better decision-making
  • More cost-effective
  • Positive impacts to the top and bottom line


We start by sitting down and talking with your key stakeholders about the transformation you’re trying to create. We take the time to understand what results you’re after and what changes you’re trying to drive. Then we customize a co-creative solution that draws from the three core service elements we’ve honed over our decades of helping organizations and functions transform:

Co-creative strategy. Most strategies don’t fail because they’re bad strategies. They fail because they aren’t executed well. Our co-creative approach brings your people into the design of the strategy. This builds ownership and buy-in, inspiring your workforce to see the strategy through to success. And the secret sauce? They have fun doing it.

Rapid results.We bring people together for 100-day sprints and we implement results in a fun, co-creative and engaging way. By pulling your teams into the process from the beginning, we’re able to bust up process logjams that block growth and change, creating transformation and organizational agility in a matter of weeks.

Business partnership. Collaboration isn’t a soft skill; it’s a strategy that’s critical to successful transformation. We blast through oppressive hierarchy and align people, teams and companies using co-creation for faster and greater impact. The results? Higher productivity, a more focused workforce—and a boost to your bottom line.