We work for leaders who are successful and forward thinking. They believe in the infinite opportunity for improvement, the untapped potential of their people when everyone is engaged in solving problems together, and the benefits of trying new approaches to challenges.

Some of the great companies we have had the pleasure to work with:

  • HP Enterprise
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Chanel
  • Colgate Palmolive
  • Conagra Foods
  • Tanger Outlets
  • Fisher Price
  • Valspar
  • Forsythe
  • GE
  • Merck

Raised Level of Strategic Leadership

"We were on a mission to raise our strategic game and were looking for ways to give our leadership team the confidence and skills they needed to lead at a higher strategic level and deliver more value. We brought in Bamboo Partners to provide us these skills and techniques...

Accelerated Change Across 150 Field Offices

"We weren’t getting the business results we desired from implementing a major change in our technology, and I knew we needed help with getting our people to change and be better business partners across divisions. We have people across the U.S. and Canada, and it’s difficult to get everyone...

Designed a Strategy from a Blank Canvas

"Within the first year of a new role with my longtime employer, I needed to lead my team to develop a three-year strategy to hit stated business goals. Bamboo Partners was retained to help create a process and facilitate a team to create that strategy. They started with developing an...

Designed Streamlined Product Introduction Process

"We knew we were in trouble because we hadn’t introduced any new products in two years, which was causing frustration with our distribution partners. I hired Bamboo Partners because I wanted consultants who could not only help with strategy and process but would help us get to the deeper...

Created Revenue Marketing Capabilities

"We hired Bamboo Partners because we wanted to be more effective in providing strategic input to sales and product management. But rather than simply responding to what we thought were our problems, Bamboo Partners quickly assessed that we had deeper challenges. We needed clarity in expectations and roles and...

Built an Enterprise Mindset

"When we engaged Bamboo Partners, our company was combining eight disparate shared services under one business operation umbrella. We were bringing together teams that had very different leaders to form one unit under one leader. With this huge structural change, we had to drive a common purpose. Bamboo Partners came...

Improved New Client Onboarding Process

"Our overall implementation process to bring on new clients was sluggish. After listening to multiple people on our team, Bamboo Partners quickly articulated common themes and challenges for our new client onboarding process. They identified the issues and then helped execute a new process in a very short amount...

Aligned Functional Unit with Corporate Strategy

"Our company was implementing improvement initiatives across the board, and our operations function was not keeping up with the others. In fact, I was concerned we were not capable of catching up due to the way we were structured and managed. We needed help to get out of this...