Designed Streamlined Product Introduction Process

“We knew we were in trouble because we hadn’t introduced any new products in two years, which was causing frustration with our distribution partners. I hired Bamboo Partners because I wanted consultants who could not only help with strategy and process but would help us get to the deeper issues causing customer dissatisfaction and internal dysfunction.

They are really good on the fly. After a quick, yet thorough assessment, they designed and facilitated a plan that was not complicated and didn’t cost a fortune, but was fast and easily understood by everyone. With their help, we created a strategy, defined roles and responsibilities, fixed our product development process, and addressed our customer issues. By the end of their engagement we had two new products launched with a full pipeline of new and enhanced products.

The best thing about Bamboo is that they are smart and experienced, yet don’t over engineer and make it too expensive or complicated.”

— President, North American Division, Fortune global insurance organization