Aligned Functional Unit with Corporate Strategy

“Our company was implementing improvement initiatives across the board, and our operations function was not keeping up with the others. In fact, I was concerned we were not capable of catching up due to the way we were structured and managed. We needed help to get out of this difficult situation, and I knew from previous experience that Bamboo Partners was the exact fit.

With their deep understanding of operations challenges and their extensive executive level experience, they helped us address our most critical issues. Just as important, their capable one-on-one interactions with our operations leadership team built trust so that we could address some tough underlying problems. We also had issues in process improvement, so Bamboo Partners utilized Six Sigma principles to guide us through those challenges, as well as helped us build a dashboard to get agreement on which areas needed improvement. Throughout the project, they coached our team on better ways to become trusted resources to others in the division, and they continued working with us to design and implement a new process-based organizational structure.

Instead of fancy consulting stuff like “we are moving from this model to this model” and taking a lot of time telling us about their models, they pushed us to answer tough questions and listened very well. They assessed our pain points quickly and pragmatically and are really good at advising and facilitating. Bamboo Partners really ‘gets’ business.”

— Vice President, Operations, U.S. property and casualty insurer