Improved New Client Onboarding Process

“Our overall implementation process to bring on new clients was sluggish. After listening to multiple people on our team, Bamboo Partners quickly articulated common themes and challenges for our new client onboarding process. They identified the issues and then helped execute a new process in a very short amount of time.

Utilizing a third party without a vested interest was instrumental in helping us discover new ways of doing things. They helped us organize a team around scope, objectives, and success criteria, and then conducted the work and process flow mapping with our team in a way that was effective, yet not threatening. Since Bamboo Partners has worked for and with large organizations, they are familiar with industry best practices, and integrate them to drive towards an expedient result. Their process is efficient, replicable, and adaptable.

I have used Bamboo Partners for several projects and have been challenged (in a good way) each time. Personally, they are very easy to work with – even add a little bit of fun – and the results have been outstanding and sustainable.”

— Business Unit General Manager, Fortune 500 financial services company