Raised Level of Strategic Leadership

“We were on a mission to raise our strategic game and were looking for ways to give our leadership team the confidence and skills they needed to lead at a higher strategic level and deliver more value. We brought in Bamboo Partners to provide us these skills and techniques with their Business Partnering for Impact program. Our leadership team is now using these skills daily so we can improve the level of strategic advice they are giving, and they now feel equipped to lead in new ways.

They have a great ability to turn a one-day workshop into a very interactive, thought provoking, and inspiring session. Sometimes these things are a bit stodgy, but their facilitation kept it fresh throughout. The day flew by because it was engaging and the pace was good. They challenged us to think differently, and they spoke in our terms. They seemed to really understand our roles and what we were trying to accomplish, so the time was well spent.

We have already called Bamboo Partners back to cascade this approach down to more teams in our company. I’ve now done this program three times with three different groups, and it never got boring. There is a lot of impressive information for people to improve themselves. They provided great insight and self-awareness, and helped us function better overall. My team talks daily about what we learned from Bamboo Partners.”

— Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Fortune 500 Silicon Valley technology manufacturer & service provider