Accelerated Change Across 150 Field Offices

“We weren’t getting the business results we desired from implementing a major change in our technology, and I knew we needed help with getting our people to change and be better business partners across divisions. We have people across the U.S. and Canada, and it’s difficult to get everyone working together on a common goal. We didn’t know if our people needed more training, or if they didn’t understand the change, or if the organizational structure was wrong.

Bamboo Partners began by assessing our unique situation and then they facilitated small group workshops to create a playbook of processes, steps, and tools to use on projects consistently. They didn’t create the plan themselves, but listened to us and helped us pick and choose from different change management methodologies to design a simple method that fit our culture.

Not everybody is able to keep it simple, but Bamboo Partners has such broad knowledge of change methodologies that they are able to be flexible, pragmatic, and practical. They are good at asking the right questions that gave us the right answers. At the end of the project, they coached us on how to execute our change across all our field locations. They are true partners; they spent the time to get to know our culture and us and put a solution together that works for us.”

— CFO, manufacturing and services company