Designed a Strategy from a Blank Canvas

“Within the first year of a new role with my longtime employer, I needed to lead my team to develop a three-year strategy to hit stated business goals. Bamboo Partners was retained to help create a process and facilitate a team to create that strategy.

They started with developing an agenda, timeframe, and process for the key stakeholders. Because they got our business quickly, they could digest a lot of information, synthesize it and communicate to the team very concisely. They were able to ask thought-provoking, direct questions that only a facilitator could ask. Bamboo Partners took the entire process off my plate (including meeting notices, agendas, progress reports and facilitation) so I could focus on additional tasks. I had complete confidence in them and their skilled facilitation.

My experience in the strategy space would have me look no further than to work with them. With Bamboo Partners, it’s a blank canvas – they design a program to get you where you want to go.”

— Senior Vice President, global services company