Built an Enterprise Mindset

“When we engaged Bamboo Partners, our company was combining eight disparate shared services under one business operation umbrella. We were bringing together teams that had very different leaders to form one unit under one leader. With this huge structural change, we had to drive a common purpose.

Bamboo Partners came in with creative ideas on how we could change the mindset we had been trying to budge. They were strategic on multiple levels; they also had specific training frameworks that were adaptable right down to the individual. They were creative, intuitive and brought an emotional intelligence to the engagement. They had their own personal experience to rely on as well as several different resources to draw on. They are not a consulting firm that does just one thing – they can flex it.

Their success was measureable; we had an 11% improvement in partner satisfaction over 18 months. Also we’ve been asked to share our success in national best practice forums. As important as these results are, even better is that people are sharing experiences about keeping the new mindset alive in their daily functions.”

— Director of Strategic Projects, global intelligent information and solutions company