Created Revenue Marketing Capabilities

Created Revenue Marketing Capabilities

“We hired Bamboo Partners because we wanted to be more effective in providing strategic input to sales and product management. But rather than simply responding to what we thought were our problems, Bamboo Partners quickly assessed that we had deeper challenges. We needed clarity in expectations and roles and responsibilities, and we were misaligned with other functional areas.

They have such a breadth of knowledge that they were able to see what the real issues were and knew how to fix them. The plan they designed was flexible and customized perfectly to our business. With their input and facilitation, we implemented process improvement tools and mapped out expectations, roles and responsibilities, and they coached us through every step. As a result, our strategies and processes were aligned to results-oriented revenue growth goals, and our employees became more engaged in strategy decisions with sales and product management teams.

Bamboo Partners facilitated our working sessions with a high level of energy, yet were not off-putting, and communicated effectively with all levels of our organization. We also went through their Business Partnering for Impact program, which taught everyone how to become more effective at partnering with other functions. They are very practical and results-oriented. I especially appreciate that they have experience at the highest levels of some of the world’s best-run companies, yet are so approachable and affordable.

Overall, our dysfunctional behavior was corrected and we started doing a much better job in communication, planning, and resource allocation.”

— Vice President, Marketing, IT outsourcing solutions company